Consumer Credit Act 1995


F189[Amendment of mortgage intermediaries authorisation.

119.(1) Immediately after the holder of a mortgage intermediaries authorisation

(a) ceases to act on behalf of an undertaking specified in the authorisation, or

(b) begins to act as a mortgage intermediary on behalf of an undertaking not specified in the authorisation,

that holder shall, in writing, notify the Bank of the event, and shall deliver the authorisation to the Bank.

(2) On receiving the notice and authorisation, the Bank shall (at its option) either amend the authorisation, or issue another authorisation, that reflects the event.]




Substituted (1.05.2003) by Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland Act 2003 (12/2003), s. 35(1) and sch. 1 part 21 item 33, S.I. No. 160 of 2003.