Adoptive Leave Act 1995

Right to additional adoptive leave where child placed before commencement of Act.


43.(1) Where an adopting parent takes leave under section 42 F80[he or] she shall be entitled, if F80[he or] she so requests, to additional adoptive leave for a period of 4 weeks.

(2) The adopting parent shall commence a period of leave referred to in subsection (1) immediately upon the expiration of the period of adoptive leave under section 42 and shall cause F80[his or] her employer to be notified in writing of F80[his or] her intention to take such leave—

(a) at the same time as the notification of F80[his or] her intention to take leave under section 42 (2) is given, or

(b) not later than 4 weeks before the date on which F80[he or] she intends to take the leave,

whichever is the later.




Inserted (3.07.2023) by Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2023 (8/2023), s. 35(g), (h)(i), (ii), S.I. No. 341 of 2023.

Editorial Notes:


This section is spent because it applies to placements under s. 42 within 10 weeks before commencement of the Act (20.03.1995, S.I. No. 64 of 1995).