Adoptive Leave Act 1995

F54[Extension of certain notices of termination of employment and certain suspensions.


17.(1) This section applies to

(a) a notice of termination of employment, or

(b) a suspension from employment,

which is given to or imposed on an adopting parent before the adopting parent begins a period of leave under this Act and which is due to expire during the adopting parents absence from work on that leave.

(2) Any notice of termination or any suspension to which this section applies shall be extended by the period of the absence concerned.

(3) References in subsection (1) to a period of leave under this Act include references to a period of time off from work while attending pre-adoption classes or meetings in accordance with section 11A.]




Substituted (28.11.2005) by Adoptive Leave Act 2005 (25/2005), s. 14, S.I. No. 724 of 2005.