Investment Limited Partnerships Act 1994

Admission of limited partners and assignment of interest.


18.—(1) Notwithstanding anything provided in the partnership agreement, a person may be admitted to an investment limited partnership as a limited partner with the consent of the general partner, or if more than one general partner, of all of them, and if by assignment, subject to subsection (2) without any requirement to obtain the consent of the existing limited partners.

(2) Subject to subsection (1) a limited partner may assign absolutely the whole or any part of his partnership interest and an assignee shall as of the date of such assignment become a limited partner with all of the rights and obligations of the assignor relating to the investment limited partnership, including the obligation of the assignor to make contributions in respect of the partnership interest or the part thereof assigned but excluding any liability of the assignor arising pursuant to section 6, 12 or 20.

(3) A limited partner may assign the whole or any part of his partnership interest by way of mortgage or charge provided that no such assignment shall operate to constitute the assignee a partner in the investment limited partnership or relieve the assignor of any of its partnership obligations and section 31 of the Act of 1890 shall apply to any such assignment.