Irish Horseracing Industry 1994

Authorised officers.


49.(1) The Authority may appoint in writing such and so many persons as it sees fit to be authorised officers for the purposes of this Act.

(2) A warrant of appointment as an authorised officer shall be issued to every person appointed under this section who when exercising any function conferred on the person as an authorised officer, shall, if requested by a person affected, produce the warrant to that person.

(3) The Authority may at any time terminate an appointment as an authorised officer.

(4) Every person appointed to be an authorised officer under the Act of 1945 and being such an officer immediately before the establishment day shall, on that day, continue to be an authorised officer as if appointed under this section.

(5) An appointment under this section as an authorised officer shall cease—

(a) where the Authority terminates it under subsection (3), or

(b) where the person appointed is an officer or employee of the Authority or its subsidiary upon his ceasing to be such an officer or employee.