Irish Aviation Authority Act 1993

Enforcement in other contracting states of determination by court in State.


55.As respects a determination by a court in the State, the registrar or clerk of the court shall, at the request of an interested party and subject to any rules that may be specified by rules of court, give to the interested party—

(a) a certified copy of the determination,

(b) in the case of a determination made in default of appearance, the original or a copy, certified by the registrar or clerk of the court to be a true copy, of a document establishing that notice of the institution of proceedings was served on the person in default, and

(c) a certificate stating:

(i) the nature of the proceedings,

(ii) the grounds pursuant to section 49 on which the court assumed jurisdiction in the matter,

(iii) the date on which the time for the lodging of an appeal against the determination will expire, or, if it has expired, the date on which it expired,

(iv) whether notice of appeal against or, in a case where the defendant did not appear, a notice to set aside, the determination has been entered,

(v) the rate of interest, if any, payable on so much of the amount specified in the determination as is unpaid and the date from which it is payable,

(vi) such other particulars as may be specified by rules of court.