Roads Act 1993

Toll regulations.


65.The Minister may make regulations—

(a) for the purposes of this Part and for enabling this Part and any toll scheme under F104[section 58], or agreement under section 63, to have full effect, and

(b) providing for the application of any moneys accruing to a road authority from the exercise of its functions under this Part.




Substituted (1.01.2001) by Planning and Development Act 2000 (30/2000), s. 276, S.I. No. 449 of 2000.

Modifications (not altering text):


Term “Minister” construed (1.12.2009) by Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008 (15/2008), s. 74(7), S.I. No. 458 of 2009.

Relationship between Authority and NRA.

74.— ...

(7) A reference in section 65 and section 66A (inserted by section 277 of the Act of 2000) of the Act of 1993 to the Minister, where it relates to a toll scheme wholly or partly in the GDA, is to be read as a reference to the Authority.