Roads Act 1993

F80[Service areas (public roads).


54A. (1) In a service area

(a) the Authority in the case of a national road, or

(b) the road authority in whose functional area the service area is to be provided for or is located

(i) in the case of a national road, with the consent of the Authority, or

(ii) in the case of a regional road or local road,


(I) provide or operate facilities or services for persons and vehicles using the road to which the service area scheme relates, or

(II) make an agreement with another person whereby that person, either by himself or herself or jointly with the Authority or the road authority, as the case may be, provides or operates such facilities or services.

(2) Subject to section 54, a service area on a road referred to in subsection (1) shall not be provided or operated other than in accordance with that subsection.

(3) In this section "service area" means a service area proposed or provided under a service area scheme in respect of a national, regional or local road.]




Inserted (11.07.2007) by Roads Act 2007 (34/2007), s. 10(2), commenced on enactment.