Roads Act 1993

F71[Interpretation - sections 51C to 51G


51B. In sections 51C to 51G

"developer", in relation to a road development, means

(a) the road authority that proposed the road development, or

(b) where the Authority proposed the development, the Authority;

"order" means an order, under section 51(6), approving a road development either with modifications or subject to conditions relating to

(a) features of the road development or measures envisaged to avoid, prevent, reduce or offset significant adverse effects on the environment, or

(b) the monitoring of significant adverse effects on the environment (including conditions regarding monitoring measures, parameters to be monitored and the duration of monitoring).]




Inserted (24.06.2019) by European Union (Roads Act 1993) (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Amendment) Regulations 2019 (S.I. No. 279 of 2019), reg. 7, subject to interpretation provision in reg. 2(2).