Sea Pollution Act 1991


F34[Detention of ships.

39A. Where an inspector or harbour-master has, in the exercise of the powers conferred on him by section 22(2) or 24, detained a ship and the persons on board the ship at a port or other place in the State, any inspector or the harbour-master concerned shall, as soon as may be, bring the master of the ship and any other persons on board the ship, against whom proceedings for an offence under this Act have been or are about to be instituted, before a judge of the District Court and thereupon the said judge shall, if he is satisfied that such proceedings have been or are about to be instituted against the master and those other persons or any one or more of them, by order directed to an inspector or the harbour-master concerned, require such inspector or harbour-master to detain at a specified place in the State the ship and each person (including the master) aforesaid in respect of whom he is so satisfied, until such proceedings have been adjudicated upon by a court in exercise of its criminal jurisdiction.]




Inserted (1.09.1999) by Sea Pollution (Amendment) Act 1999 (18/1999), s. 14(d), S.I. No. 295 of 1999.

Editorial Notes:


The section heading is taken from the amending section in the absence of one included in the amendment.