Child Care Act 1991


F339[Appeals to District Court


58F.(1) A registered provider or an applicant, may, within 21 days of the receipt of the notification of a decision under section 58D, appeal to the District Court against a decision of the Agency to

(a) refuse to register the applicant under section 58D,

(b) remove the registered provider from the register, or

(c) attach a condition, or amend or revoke a condition attached, to that registration.

(2) The court may, if it so thinks proper, confirm the decision of the Agency under section 58D or direct the Agency, as may be appropriate, to register an applicant, to restore the registration of a registered provider, to attach or withdraw a condition or amend or revoke a condition, of the registration concerned.

(3) The jurisdiction conferred on the District Court by this section shall be exercised by the judge of the District Court for the time being assigned to the district court district in which the premises in which the registered provider provides the prescribed early years service, or the premises in which it is proposed that an applicant shall provide a prescribed early years service, is situated.

(4) A decision of the District Court under this section on a question of fact shall be final.]




Part VIIA (ss. 58A-58L) inserted (1.01.2014) by Child and Family Agency Act 2013 (40/2013), s. 92, S.I. No. 502 of 2013.