Child Care Act 1991




58C.(1) The Agency shall establish and maintain a register to be known as the register of prescribed early years services (the "register").

(2) The register shall contain the names of persons who provide prescribed early years services ("registered providers"), the addresses of the premises on which those services are provided, the number of children each service can accommodate, the date of registration and any other details required by regulations made under section 58B.

(3) The register may be established and maintained in paper or electronic form.

(4) The register shall be available for inspection by members of the public, free of charge, at such times and in such manner as may be prescribed.]




Part VIIA (ss. 58A-58L) inserted (1.01.2014) by Child and Family Agency Act 2013 (40/2013), s. 92, S.I. No. 502 of 2013.