Child Care Act 1991



23O.In this Part

F169["authorised officer" means a person appointed by the F170[Child and Family Agency] under section 23S;]


"private foster care arrangement" means any arrangement or undertaking whereby a child is for more than 14 days in the full-time care, for reward or otherwise, of a person other than his or her parent or guardian, a person cohabiting with a parent or guardian or a relative, except where the child

(a) is residing at a boarding school and receiving full-time education,

(b) is in an institution managed by or on behalf of a Minister of the Government or F169[the F170[Child and Family Agency]],

(c) is in an institution in which the majority of persons being cared for and maintained are being treated for acute illness,

(d) is in an institution for the care and maintenance of children with a disability,

(e) is in a mental institution within the meaning of the Mental Treatment Acts, 1945 to 1966,

(f) is detained in a children detention school or children detention centre within the meaning of the Children Act, 2001,

F172[(g) is placed for adoption under an adoption order within the meaning of section 3 (1) of the Adoption Act 2010 or is the subject of an intercountry adoption effected outside the State recognised by that Act,]

(h) is in the care of F169[the F170[Child and Family Agency]],

(i) is on holidays for a continuous period not exceeding 42 days,

(j) is placed with a person or body for primarily educational purposes, or

(k) is placed with a friend of the childs parent or guardian for a period not exceeding 42 days, while the parent or guardian is on holidays;

"relative", in relation to a child, means a grandparent, brother, sister, uncle or aunt, whether of the whole blood, half blood or by affinity, and includes the spouse of any such person and any person cohabiting with any such person.]




Part IVB (ss. 23O-23X) inserted (23.09.2004) by Children Act 2001 (24/2001), s. 16, S.I. No. 548 of 2004.


Substituted (1.01.2005) by Health Act 2004 (42/2004), s. 75 and sch. 7 part 6 item 29(a), (c), S.I. No. 887 of 2004.


Substituted (1.01.2014) by Child and Family Agency Act 2013 (40/2013), s. 97 and sch. 2 part 4 item 1, S.I. No. 502 of 2013.


Deleted (1.01.2005) by Health Act 2004 (42/2004), s. 75 and sch. 7 part 6 item 29, S.I. No. 887 of 2004.


Substituted (1.11.2010) by Adoption Act 2010 (21/2010), s. 158(b), S.I. No. 511 of 2010.