Building Control Act 1990


Matters for which Building Regulations may prescribe Standards

1. Preparation of sites.

2. Suitability, durability, classification, use and testing of materials and components (including surface finishes) used in buildings.

3. Structural strength and stability of buildings including—

(a) precautions against overloading, impact and explosion,

(b) measures to safeguard adjacent buildings and services,

(c) underpinning.

4. Resistance to moisture and decay.

5. Fire precautions including—

(a) resistance of the structure to the outbreak and spread of fire,

(b) means of escape in the event of fire and measures to ensure that such means can be effectively and safely used at all times,

(c) services, fittings and equipment designed to facilitate fire-fighting, to mitigate the effects of fire, for the early detection of fire and to provide warning in the event of fire.

6. Prevention of danger and obstruction to persons in and about buildings.

7. Measures affecting the emission of smoke, gases, fumes, grit or dust or other noxious or offensive substances.

8. Measures to prevent infestation.

9. Measures affecting the transmission of heat.

10. Measures affecting the transmission of sound.

11. Storage, treatment and removal of waste.

12. Accommodation for specific purposes or in connection with buildings, and the dimensions of rooms, components and other spaces within buildings.

13. Ventilation and daylighting (including the provision of open space therefor).

14. Means of access to and egress from buildings and parts of buildings.

15. Water services and fittings and fixed equipment associated therewith.

16. Drainage (including waste disposal units).

17. Services, installations and ancillary equipment, including—

(a) installations (including appliances, storage tanks, heat ex-changers, ducts and fans) utilising solid fuel, oil, gas, electricity or any other fuel or power for the purpose of, or in connection with, providing heat or ventilation or producing hot water,

(b) electrical wiring installations,

(c) lifts, escalators, hoists, conveyors and moving footways,

(d) plant providing air under pressure.

18. Heating, artificial lighting, mechanical ventilation, air conditioning and the provision of power outlets.