Derelict Sites Act 1990

Disposal of sites held by statutory bodies.


13.(1) The Minister may, in relation to any derelict site which is included in the register and in which a statutory body has an interest, direct that body to take such steps as are open to it to dispose of that interest.

(2) Before giving a direction under subsection (1), the Minister shall consult with the appropriate Minister and give to the body concerned notice of his proposal to give such a direction and shall consider any objections that body may make and he may modify his proposal in such manner and to such extent as he thinks proper and may give a direction accordingly.

(3) The Minister shall not give a direction under this section unless he is satisfied after consultation with the appropriate Minister that the land to which the direction, if given, will relate is not being used by, or is not, or is unlikely to be, required by, the statutory body for the performance of its functions.

(4) It shall be the duty of a statutory body to whom a direction has been given under this section to comply with the direction within the time specified in the direction.