Judicial Separation and Family Law Reform Act 1989

Definition (Part III).


30.In this Part “family law proceedings”, in relation to a court, means proceedings before a court of competent jurisdiction under—

(a) this Act,

(b) the Adoption Acts, 1952 to 1988,

(c) the Family Home Protection Act, 1976,

(d) the Family Law (Maintenance of Spouses and Children) Act, 1976,

(e) the Family Law (Protection of Spouses and Children) Act, 1981,

(f) the Family Law Act, 1981,

(g) the Guardianship of Infants Act, 1964,

(h) the Legitimacy Declaration Act (Ireland), 1868,

(i) the Married Women’s Status Act, 1957, or

(j) the Status of Children Act, 1987, F30[and includes proceedings relating to nullity of marriage]

or between spouses under the Partition Act, 1868, and the Partition Act, 1876, where the fact that they are married to each other is of relevance to the proceedings.




Inserted (15.12.1995) by Courts and Court Officers Act 1995 (31/1995), s. 53, commenced on enactment.

Editorial Notes:


The Adoption Acts 1952 to 1988 were repealed (1.11.2010) by Adoption Act 2010 (21/2010), s. 7 and sch. 1 part 1, S.I. No. 511 of 2010.


The Partition Acts 1868 and 1876 were repealed (1.12.2009) by Land And Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009 (27/2009), s. 8(3) and sch. 2, S.I. No. 356 of 2009.


The Family Law (Protection of Spouses and Children) Act 1981 (21/1981) was repealed (27.03.1996) by Domestic Violence Act 1996 (1/1996), s. 23(1), commenced as per s. 25(1).