Industrial Development Act 1986

Disclosure of documents.

[1969, s. 28. New in pt.]


42.(1) The Authority shall not, without the consent of the Minister, disclose any document in its custody or under its control, production of which is sought in relation to any legal proceedings.

(2) Where the Minister refuses his consent to the disclosure, the Authority shall be entitled to, and shall claim in the proceedings, the like privilege in respect of the document as the Minister would be entitled to claim if it were in his own custody.


Modifications (not altering text):


Person holding record under section excluded from requirement to refuse an FOI request (14.10.2014) by Freedom of Information Act 2014 (30/2014), s. 41(1)(a) and sch. 3 part 1, commenced on enactment. This section is listed in sch. 3 part 1.

Enactments relating to non-disclosure of records.

41.—(1) A head shall refuse to grant an FOI request if—

(a) the disclosure of the record concerned is prohibited by law of the European Union or any enactment (other than a provision specified in column (3) of Part 1 or 2 of Schedule 3 of an enactment specified in that Schedule), or



Enactments Excluded from Application of Section 41




No. 9 of 1986

Industrial Development Act 1986

Sections 42 and 43.




Editorial Notes:


Previous affecting provision: application of section not restricted (21.04.1998) by Freedom of Information Act 1997 (13/1997), s. 32(1)(a) and sch. 3 part 1, commenced as per s. 1(2); repealed (14.10.2014) by Freedom of Information Act 2014 (30/2014), s. 5 and sch. 4, commenced as per s. 1(2).