Industrial Development Act 1986

Grants to the Authority.

[1969, s. 17; 1975 (No. 2), s. 2; 1977, s. 5; 1981, s. 2]


14.(1) F7[]

(2) F7[]

(3) The aggregate amount of grants made by the Minister to the Authority to enable it to meet its obligations or liabilities arising from guarantees under this Act, section 37 of the Industrial Development Act, 1969 and sections 2 and 3 of the Industrial Development Act, 1977 in respect of principal and interest shall not exceed £125,000,000.

(4) In relation to a guarantee under this Act in money in a currency other than the currency of the State the amount of the guarantee shall be no greater than the equivalent in currency of the State, at the time of the giving of the guarantee, of the amount so guaranteed.




Repealed (6.07.1993) by Industrial Development Act 1993 (19/1993), s. 4 and sch., commenced on enactment.

Editorial Notes:


£125,000,000 converts to approximately €158,717,260 in accordance with Council Regulation (EC) No 974/98 of 3 May 1998 and Council Regulation (EC) No 2866/98 of 31 December 1998 on the conversion rates between the euro and the currencies of the Member States adopting the euro.



Previous affecting provision:  subs. (2) amended (31.12.1991) by Industrial Development (Amendment) Act 1991 (30/1991), s. 9(b), S.I. No. 363 of 1991; repealed as per F-note above.