Control of Dogs Act 1986

Dangerous dogs.


22.(1) Where—

(a) on a complaint being made to the District Court by any interested person that a dog is dangerous and not kept under proper control, or

(b) on the conviction of any person for an offence under section 9 (2) of this Act,

it appears to the Court that the dog is dangerous and not kept under proper control, the Court may, in addition to any other penalty which it may impose, order that the dog be kept under proper control or be destroyed.

(2) Whenever the Court orders the destruction of a dog pursuant to subsection (1) of this section, the Court may—

(a) direct that the dog be delivered to a dog warden or any suitable person to be destroyed, and

(b) direct that the expenses of the destruction of the dog be paid by the owner of the dog.

(3) Whenever a dog is delivered to a dog warden or any other person pursuant to an order of the Court to be destroyed, the person to whom the dog is delivered shall, as soon as possible, destroy the dog, or cause it to be destroyed, in a humane manner.

(4) Any sums payable by the owner of a dog pursuant to a direction of the Court under subsection (2) (b) of this section may be recovered by a local authority as a simple contract debt in any court of competent jurisdiction.

(5) Where a dog is proved to have caused damage in an attack on any person, or to have injured livestock, it may be dealt with under this section as a dangerous dog which has not been kept under proper control.