Road Transport Act 1986

Applications for merchandise licences.


2.The following subsection is hereby substituted for subsection (1) of section 11 of the Principal Act:

“(1) The following provisions shall have effect in relation to applications for merchandise licences:

(a) every application shall be in the prescribed form, and shall be made to the Minister in the prescribed manner;

(b) every application shall state—

(i) whether it is for a national road freight carrier's licence under the Road Transport Act, 1986, or for an international road freight carrier's licence under that Act;

(ii) the registration number of each registered and taxed vehicle to be authorised under the licence being applied for;

(iii) the vehicle plate issuing station at which the applicant, in the event of his application being granted, desires that vehicle plates should be available for issue to him;

(c) every application shall contain such information as will satisfy the Minister that the applicant complies with the requirements as to good repute, sound financial standing and professional competence referred to or specified in regulations under the European Communities Act, 1972.”.