Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980

Exclusion of implied terms.


40.(1) Subject to the following provisions of this section, any term of a contract implied by virtue of section 39 may be negatived or varied by an express term of the contract or by the course of dealing between the parties or by usage, if the usage be such as to bind both parties to the contract, except that where the recipient of the service deals as consumer it must be shown that the express term is fair and reasonable and has been specifically brought to his attention.

(2) An express term does not negative a term implied by this Part unless inconsistent therewith.

(3) The reference in subsection (1) to a term negativing or varying a term implied by virtue of section 39 is a reference to a term which purports to exclude or restrict, or has the effect of excluding or restricting, the operation of any provision of that section, or the exercise of a right conferred by any provision of that section, or any liability of the supplier for breach of a term implied by any provision of that section.

(4) Any reference in this section to a term of a contract includes a reference to a term which, although not contained in a contract, is incorporated in the contract by another term of the contract.

(5) Nothing in this section shall invalidate—

(a) F27[]

(b) a term of an agreement for the international carriage of passengers or goods by land, sea or air, including an agreement between parties whose places of business or residences are situated in the State.

(6) Section 39 shall not apply to a contract for the carriage of passengers or goods by land, sea, air or inland waterway from one place to another within the State until such date as the Minister, after consultation with the Minister for Transport, by order provides whether in relation to such contracts generally or in relation to contracts of a class defined in the order in such manner and by reference to such matters as the Minister, after such consultation, thinks proper.




Deleted (25.01.1988) by Restrictive Practices Act 1987 (31/1987), s. 31, S.I. No. 2 of 1988.