Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act 1980

Notices requiring information.

[1931, s. 40; 1958, s. 13 in pt.]


84.(1) A person seeking any estate or interest in any premises under this Act may, in order to secure the joinder of all necessary parties in the grant, serve a notice in the prescribed form upon his immediate lessor requiring information as to the nature and duration of the reversion of that lessor, and the name and address of the person for the time being entitled to the next superior interest and may also serve a similar notice on each other person holding a superior interest.

(2) Where a person upon whom a notice is to be served under subsection (1) cannot be found or ascertained, a notice in the prescribed form may be served upon the person receiving the rent for the premises requiring the name and address of the person to whom the rent is paid by the person upon whom the notice is served and any other information reasonably necessary for the purpose specified in subsection (1).

(3) It shall be the duty of a person on whom a notice is served under this section to give or send in writing, within one month of service, such required information as is within his possession or procurement.

(4) Where a person has served a notice under this section and the person on whom it is served refuses or fails to provide the information as required by this section, the person who served the notice may apply to the Court which may make such order as justice may require to compel the person on whom the notice was served to provide the information.