Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act 1980

Provisions relating to award of new tenancy.

[1931, s. 27 in pt.]


18.(1) This section applies where the Court, on an application for a new tenancy under this Part, finds that the tenant is entitled to a new tenancy.

(2) The Court shall fix the terms of the new tenancy and make an order requiring the landlord, and any superior landlord whose joinder may be necessary, to grant or join in the grant of, and the tenant to accept, a new tenancy accordingly.

(3) Such person or persons shall grant or join in the grant of, and the tenant shall accept, a new contract of tenancy in writing in respect of the tenement on the terms specified in the order, commencing on the termination of the previous tenancy.

(4) The tenant shall not be entitled to compensation in respect of the termination of his previous tenancy.

(5) If any dispute, failure or question arises or occurs in the carrying out of the order, the Court may, on the application of any person concerned, make such order as justice may require.