Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1979



1.—(1) In this Act, save where the context otherwise requires—

building society” means a society incorporated under the Building Societies Act, 1976;

certificate of reasonable value” means a certificate granted under section 18 of this Act;

house” includes any building or part of a building used or suitable for use as a dwelling and any outoffice, yard, garden or other land appurtenant thereto or usually enjoyed therewith and “housing” shall be construed accordingly;

improvement works”, in relation to a house, includes the provision and installation of a private water supply or private sewerage facilities in the house and any works carried out to the house (whether for the purpose of extending, enlarging, improving, repairing or converting it) that, in the opinion of the Minister, are reasonably necessary for the purpose of rendering the house more suitable for human habitation, but does not include decoration;

the Principal Act” means the Housing Act, 1966.

(2) References in the Principal Act, as amended, to a grant, loan or contribution under that Act shall be construed as including references respectively to a grant, loan or subsidy under this Act.