Unfair Dismissals Act 1977

F69[Striking out of claims that are not pursued


8C. (1) Where a claim for redress under this Act is referred to the Director General under section 8, the Director General may strike out the claim if he or she is satisfied that the claim has not been pursued by the employee during the period of one year (or such other period as may be prescribed by regulations made by the Minister) immediately preceding its being struck out.

(2) The Director General shall, as soon as may be after he or she strikes out a claim for redress under this Act in accordance with this section, notify the parties to the claim in writing of the striking out of the claim.

(3) Where a claim for redress under this Act is struck out under this section, the employee who brought the claim shall not be entitled to prosecute the claim any further.]




Inserted (1.10.2015) by Workplace Relations Act 2015 (16/2015), s. 80(1)(h), S.I. No. 410 of 2015, subject to transitional provisions in subss. (1A) and (2).