Gas Act 1976

F27[Payment of dividend into Exchequer.


F28[7G. All amounts representing dividends or other money received by a Minister of the Government (including the majority-shareholding Minister) in respect of capital stock held by that Minister under this Act shall be paid into or disposed of for the benefit of the Exchequer in such manner as the Minister for Finance thinks fit.]]




Inserted (24.12.2006) by Energy (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2006 (40/2006), s. 16, commenced on enactment.


Substituted (23.11.2015) by Gas Regulation Act 2013 (39/2013), s. 32(f), S.I. No. 520 of 2015.

Editorial Notes:


Previous affecting provision: functions transferred and references to “Department of Finance” and “Minister for Finance” construed (29.07.2011) by Finance (Transfer of Departmental Administration and Ministerial Functions) Order 2011 (S.I. No. 418 of 2011), arts. 2, 3, 5 and sch. 1 part 2, in effect as per art. 1(2), subject to transitional provisions in arts. 6-9; section substituted as per F-note above.