Gas Act 1976

Annual report and information to Minister.


14. (1) The Board shall, as soon as may be after the end of its financial year, make a report to the F53[majority-shareholding Minister] of its proceedings during that financial year and the F53[majority-shareholding Minister] shall cause copies of the report to be laid before each House of the Oireachtas.

(2) The Board shall supply the F53[majority-shareholding Minister] with such information relating either to a report made under this section or to its activities, other than day to day administration, as he shall from time to time request.

(3) The F53[majority-shareholding Minister] may from time to time require the Board to prepare and submit to the F53[majority-shareholding Minister] particulars of its plans regarding the performance of its functions in the future, and any requirement made by the F53[majority-shareholding Minister] under this subsection shall be complied with by the Board.




Substituted (23.11.2015) by Gas Regulation Act 2013 (39/2013), s. 32(i), S.I. No. 520 of 2015.

Modifications (not altering text):


Requirement for a report of the proceedings of the network company in the financial year to be included in the annual report prescribed (28.11.2014) by Gas Regulation Act 2013 (39/2013), s. 20(1), S.I. No. 538 of 2014.

Annual report and accounts

20. —(1) BGÉ shall include in its annual report pursuant to section 14 of the Act of 1976 a report of the proceedings of the network company in that financial year.

(2) In keeping accounts pursuant to section 15 of the Act of 1976 BGÉ shall ensure that accounts of all moneys received or expended by the network company are identified separately.