Family Home Protection Act 1976

Modification of terms of mortgage or lease as to payment of capital sum.


8.(1) Where, on an application by a spouse, after proceedings have been adjourned under section 7, it appears to the court that—

(a) all arrears (other than arrears of principal or interest or rent that do not constitute part of the periodical payments due under the mortgage or lease) of money due under the mortgage or lease, and

(b) all the periodical payments due to date under the mortgage or lease,

have been paid off and that the periodical payments subsequently falling due will continue to be paid, the court may by order declare accordingly.

(2) If the court makes an order under subsection (1), any term in a mortgage or lease whereby the default in payment that gave rise to the proceedings under section 7 has, at any time before or after the initial hearing of such proceedings, resulted or would have resulted in the capital sum advanced thereunder (or part of such sum or interest thereon) or any sum other than the periodical payments, as the case may be, becoming due, shall be of no effect for the purpose of such proceedings or any subsequent proceedings in respect of the sum so becoming due.