Family Home Protection Act 1976

Family home.


2.(1) In this Act “family home” means, primarily, a dwelling in which a married couple ordinarily reside. The expression comprises, in addition, a dwelling in which a spouse whose protection is in issue ordinarily resides or, if that spouse has left the other spouse, ordinarily resided before so leaving.

F1[(2) In subsection (1), dwelling means any building or part of a building occupied as a separate dwelling and includes any garden or other land usually occupied with the dwelling, being land that is subsidiary and ancillary to it, is required for amenity or convenience and is not being used or developed primarily for commercial purposes, and includes a structure that is not permanently attached to the ground and a vehicle, or vessel, whether mobile or not, occupied as a separate dwelling.]




Substituted (1.08.1996) by Familiy Law Act 1995 (26/1995), s. 54(1)(a), S.I. No. 46 of 1996, subject to transitional provision in subs. (2).