Family Law (Maintenance of Spouses and Children) Act 1976

Notification of changes of employment and earnings.


14.Where an attachment of earnings order is in force:

(a) the maintenance debtor shall notify in writing the Court that made the order of every occasion on which he leaves any employment, or becomes employed or re-employed, not later (in each case) than ten days from the date on which he does so,

(b) the maintenance debtor shall, on any occasion on which he becomes employed or re-employed, include in his notification under paragraph (a) of this section particulars of his earnings and expected earnings from the relevant employment,

(c) any person who becomes an employer of the maintenance debtor and knows that the order is in force and by what Court it was made shall, within ten days of his becoming the maintenance debtor’s employer or of acquiring that knowledge (whichever is the later), notify that Court in writing that he is the debtor’s employer, and include in his notification a statement of the debtor’s earnings and expected earnings.