Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Act 1973

Rights of employee during period of notice.


5.(1) The provisions of the Second Schedule to this Act shall have effect in relation to the liability of an employer during the period of notice required by this Act to be given—

(a) by an employer to terminate the contract of employment of an employee who has been in his continuous service for thirteen weeks or more, and

(b) by an employee who has been in such continuous service to terminate his contract of employment with that employer.

(2) This section shall not apply in any case where an employee gives notice to terminate his contract of employment in response to a notice of lay-off or short-time given by his employer.

(3) Any provision in a contract which purports to exclude or limit the obligation imposed on an employer by this section shall be void.


Editorial Notes:


Redress and appeal procedures in respect of section provided (1.10.2015) by Workplace Relations Act 2015 (16/2015), ss. 41, 44 and sch. 5 part 1 item 1, sch. 6 part 1 item 2, sch. 6 part 2 item 2, S.I. No. 410 of 2015.