Guardianship of Infants Act 1964

F82 [ Adjournment of proceedings to assist agreement on custody or guardianship of or access to child.


22. (1) Where, in proceedings under section 6A, 11 or 11B it appears to the court that agreement between the parties on the subject matter of the proceedings may be effected, it may adjourn or further adjourn the proceedings for the purpose of enabling attempts to be made by the parties, if they wish, to reach agreement, with or without the assistance of a third party, on some or all of the issues which are in dispute.

(2) If proceedings are adjourned pursuant to subsection (1), any party may at any time request that the hearing of the proceedings be resumed as soon as practicable and, if such a request is made, the court shall, subject to any other power of the court to adjourn proceedings, resume the hearing.

(3) The powers conferred by this section are additional to any other power of the court to adjourn proceedings.

(4) Where the court adjourns proceedings under this section, it may, at its discretion, advise the parties concerned to seek the assistance of a third party in relation to the effecting of an agreement between them on all or any of its terms. ]