Greyhound Industry Act 1958

Prosecution of offences.


52. (1) F70[]

(2) The following offences may be prosecuted by the Club:

(a) an offence under section 25 or section 37 of this Act consisting of a contravention of a rule under the section,

(b) an offence under section 43 of this Act in relation to an investigation at the instance of the Club,

(c) an offence under section 44 or section 46 of this Act in relation to an authorised officer of the Club.

(3) A prosecution for an offence under this Act may, in the case of a club, be brought against the club in the name under which it is commonly known, and any summons or other document required to be served on the club may be served on the secretary of the club and any warrant for the recovery of a fine imposed on the club may be executed against the goods and chattels of the club.




Repealed (1.10.2020) by Greyhound Racing Act 2019 (15/2019), s. 6(2), S.I. No. 399 of 2020.