State Property Act 1954

Provisions in relation to State land registered under the Registration of Title Act, 1891.


8.(1) In this section—

the Act of 1891” means the Registration of Title Act, 1891, as amended by the Registration of Title Act, 1942 (No. 26 of 1942);

the registering authority” means the registering authority under the Act of 1891;

person” includes a public officer or body or person referred to in section 78 of the Act of 1891.

(2) Where the registering authority is satisfied that land in respect of which any person is registered under the Act of 1891 is State land and there is produced to him a certificate under the official seal of the Minister certifying that such State land has, by virtue of subsection (1) or subsection (2) of section 5, vested in the Minister, the registering authority shall substitute in the appropriate register the name of the Minister for that of such person.

(3) Where any State land which is registered under the Act of 1891 becomes vested in a State authority by virtue of a warrant under section 6 or a conveyance, assignment or transfer under section 7, the registering authority shall, upon the production of the warrant or conveyance, assignment or transfer, substitute in the appropriate register the name of that State authority for that of the person in whose name such State land was theretofore registered.

(4) A State authority in whom State land is vested may be registered as the owner of that State land under the Act of 1891, and shall be entitled to receive such notices and to make and enter any such application or cautions and do all such other acts as any owner of land or of a right on land (as the case may be) is entitled to receive, make, enter or do under the Act of 1891.

(5) No fees shall be payable in respect of any proceedings in the Land Registry under this section.