Merchant Shipping (Safety Convention) Act 1952

Consequential amendments of Merchant Shipping Acts.


47. (1) In subsection (3) of section 724 of the Principal Act, for the words “passenger steamers” there shall be substituted the word “ ships ”.

(2) Where a ship is detained under any provision of this Act authorising the detention of a ship until the production of a certificate, subsection (2) of section 460 of the Principal Act (which makes the owner of a ship liable to pay to the Minister his costs in connection with her detention and survey) shall apply as if she had been finally detained under that Act.

(3) Section 63 of the Act of 1933 (which requires notice to be given to consular officers of the detention of certain foreign ships, or of proceedings against masters or owners under that Act) shall have effect as if any reference therein to that Act included a reference to this Act.

(4) In subsection (1) of section 272 of the Principal Act, for any reference to a wireless telegraph installation there shall be substituted a reference to a radio installation.