Central Bank Act 1942

F464[Constitution of the Appeals Tribunal for particular proceedings.


57H.(1) For the purpose of hearing a particular appeal, the Appeals Tribunal is constituted by 3 members or, if that Tribunal has more than 3 members, by 3 members designated by the Chairperson.

(2) Of the 3 members, one must be either the Chairperson or Deputy Chairperson.

(3) If the members constituting the Appeals Tribunal for a particular hearing include the Chairperson, the Chairperson is to preside at the hearing. Otherwise, the Deputy Chairperson is to preside.

(4) If there are sufficient members, the Appeals Tribunal may be separately constituted so as to enable it to hear different appeals at the same time.]




Part VIIA (ss. 57A-57AZ) inserted (1.08.2004) by Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland Act 2003 (12/2003), s. 28, S.I. No. 454 of 2004, subject to transitional provisions in s. 36 and sch. 3.