Central Bank Act 1942

F399[Inquiry normally to be held in public.


33AZ.(1) Except as provided by subsection (2), the F400[Bank] shall hold its inquiries in public.

(2) The F400[Bank] and the financial service provider or other person to whom an inquiry relates may agree that the inquiry should be held in private, but even if they do not agree, F401[the Bank] may nevertheless decide to hold an inquiry in private if it is satisfied that

(a) evidence may be given, or a matter may arise, during the inquiry that is of a confidential nature or relates to the commission, or to the alleged or suspected commission, of an offence against a law of the State, or

(b) a persons reputation would be unfairly prejudiced unless F401[the Bank] exercises its powers under this section.

(3) The F400[Bank] may at any time vary or revoke a decision made under subsection (2).]




Inserted (1.08.2004) by Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland Act 2004 (21/2004), s. 10, S.I. No. 455 of 2004, subject to transitional provisions in s. 35 and sch. 5.


Substituted (1.10.2010) by Central Bank Reform Act 2010 (23/2010), s. 14(2)(a), S.I. No. 469 of 2010.


Substituted (1.10.2010) by Central Bank Reform Act 2010 (23/2010), s. 14(2)(b), S.I. No. 469 of 2010.