Legitimacy Act 1931

Application to illegitimate persons dying before marriage of parents.


5.Where an illegitimate person dies after the commencement of this Act and before the marriage of his parents leaving any spouse, children or remoter issue living at the date of such marriage, then, if that person would, if living at the time of the marriage of his parents, have become a legitimated person, the provisions of this Act with respect to the taking of interests in property by, or in succession to, the spouse, children and remoter issue of a legitimated person (including those relating to the rate of death duties) shall apply as if such person as aforesaid had been a legitimated person, and the date of the marriage of his parents had been the date of legitimation.


Modifications (not altering text):


Application of Act modified (14.06.1988) by Status of Children Act 1987 (26/1987), s. 7(2), commenced as per s. 1(2). “This Part” referred to below commenced on 14.06.1988.

Amendment of section 1 of the Act of 1931.

7. ...

(2) In the case of a person to whom this section relates, the Act of 1931 shall have effect as if for the references in sections 1(1) and 5 of that Act to the commencement of that Act there were substituted a reference to the commencement of this Part.