Prevention of Corruption Act 1906

Prosecution of offences.

22 & 23 Vict. c. 17.


2. (1) F6 [ A prosecution for an offence under this Act shall not be instituted without the consent of the Attorney-General of Saorst á t Eireann. ]

(2) The Vexatious Indictments Act, 1859, as amended by any subsequent enactment, shall apply to offences under this Act as if they were included among the offences mentioned in section one of that Act.

(3) Every information for any offence under this Act shall be upon oath.

(4) F7 [ ]

(5) A court of quarter sessions shall not have jurisdiction to inquire of, hear, and determine prosecutions on indictments for offences under this Act.

(6) Any person aggrieved by a summary conviction under this Act may appeal to a court of quarter sessions.