Sale of Goods Act 1893



35.F29[(1)] The buyer is deemed to have accepted the goods when he intimates to the seller that he has accepted them, or, subject to section 34 of this Act, when the goods have been delivered to him and he does any act in relation to them which is inconsistent with the ownership of the seller or when, without good and sufficient reason, he retains the goods without intimating to the seller that he has rejected them.]

F29[(2) This section shall not apply to a contract to which Part 2 of the Consumer Rights Act 2022 applies.]




Substituted (31.12.1980) by Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 (16/1980), s. 20, commenced as per s. 1(2).


Inserted (29.11.2022) by Consumer Rights Act 2022 (37/2022), s. 176(1) and sch. 6 part 1 ref. 1, S.I. No. 596 of 2022, subject to transitional provision in s. 9(1)(a).