Road Safety Authority (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness) Act 2012


Offer of authorisation or amended authorisation as CVR test operator.

13.— (1) The Minister may decide prior to authorising a CVR test operator under section 9 , amending an authorisation under section 14 or renewing an authorisation under section 15 to make an offer to the applicant setting out—

( a) the terms and conditions of the proposed CVR test operator authorisation,

( b) the documents and supporting information that are required to be submitted by the applicant,

( c) the prescribed fee, and

( d) the period within which the applicant is required to respond in writing to the making of the offer indicating acceptance of that offer.

(2) Where an applicant does not comply with subsection (1) in full within the period referred to in that subsection the offer shall cease to have effect and, where the Minister decides not to grant the authorisation, the Minister shall notify the applicant in accordance with section 11(4) .