Irish Collective Asset-Management Vehicles Act 2015



173. (1) The provisions of Part 13 of the Companies Act 2014 , and the other provisions of that Act relating to investigations of companies, apply, subject to necessary modifications and the specific modifications specified in subsection (2) , in relation to an ICAV as if it were an investment company.

(2) The modifications are the following:

(a) references to a body corporate include a company;

(b) the references in sections 752 to 757 to agents include depositaries and trustees within the meaning of the UCITS Regulations;

(c) in section 755(2)(a) for the words after agreement there is substituted a reference to a transaction within section 75 (1) of this Act and in section 755(4) for the reference to section 220 there is substituted a reference to section 77 of this Act;

(d) the duty in section 759(1) to provide a copy of an inspector s report to the Director of Corporate Enforcement includes a duty to forward a copy to the Bank (so that section 759(2)(b)(vi) does not apply);

(e) the reference in section 763(1) to Chapter 5 of Part 5 is to section 82 of this Act;

(f) the references to the Registrar in sections 765(4) and 770 are to the Bank;

(g) the reference in section 785(4) to section 286 is to section 114 of this Act.