Local Government Reform Act 2014


Dublin Docklands Development Authority


Amendment of Dublin Docklands Development Authority Act 1997

80. (1) In this section “Act of 1997” means the Dublin Docklands Development Authority Act 1997.

(2) Section 20(1)(a)(i) of the Act of 1997 is amended with effect from 27 November 2013 by substituting “within such period of time as the Minister may determine by order having regard to all the relevant circumstances” for “at least once in every five years”.

(3) The master plan adopted on 27 November 2008 by the Council established under section 16 of the Act of 1997 shall, subject to section 20(1)(a)(iii), continue to be the master plan under that Act for the Dublin Docklands Area until a new plan is adopted in accordance with section 20(1)(a)(i) of that Act as amended by subsection (2).

(4) Every act done (by commission or omission) by or on behalf of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority before the passing of this Act in respect of a matter to which this section relates that was done in anticipation of the passing of an Act containing a provision to the like effect as this section shall be deemed to be, and always to have been, a valid exercise by that Authority of its functions.