Criminal Justice (Mutual Assistance) Act 2008



109.— (1) Regulations may be made by the Minister for the purpose of enabling any provision of this Act, and of any of the following international instruments in their application to the State, to have full effect:

( a) a relevant international instrument;

( b) the EU - US Agreement, the Ireland - US Treaty, and the Instrument as to the application of that Treaty, as defined in section 93 .

F95 [ (1A) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1) , regulations may be made by the Minister for the purposes of Chapter 3 of Part 5 regarding the obtaining or transmission of identification evidence within the meaning of that Chapter. ]

(2) Regulations under this section may include such consequential, incidental, transitional or supplementary provisions as may be necessary for that purpose.




Inserted (20.11.2015) by Criminal Justice (Forensic Evidence and DNA Database System) Act 2014 (11/2014), s. 138, S.I. No. 508 of 2015.