Prisons Act 2007


Procedure where substantive amendments by Minister to development.

24.— (1) If the Minister, having had regard to the report of the rapporteur, decides to make a material alteration to the development, he or she shall—

(a) cause to be prepared—

(i) an amended description of the development, specifying any such alterations,

(ii) a supplementary environmental impact assessment relating to the impact of the alterations on the environment, and

(iii) if the alterations materially affect the exterior of the development, an amended visual representation of the exterior,


(b) specify in a notice to the persons and bodies mentioned in section 20 the alterations that he or she has decided to make to the development.

(2) Section 19 applies in relation to a supplementary environmental impact assessment, with the necessary modifications.

(3) Section 21 applies in relation to a notice under subsection (1)(b), with the modification that the period within which submissions or observations on the alterations must be made is 21 days and with any other necessary modifications.

(4) The rapporteur shall prepare a supplementary report on the basis of any written submissions or observations received within the said period of 21 days.

(5) The supplementary report shall—

(a) specify the names and addresses of those who made written submissions or observations,

(b) identify the main issues or other points of substance raised by those who made such submissions or observations, and

(c) include a summary of the submissions or observations.

(6) The rapporteur shall submit the report to the Minister, who shall arrange for it to be published.