Prisons Act 2007


Appointment of rapporteur.

23.— (1) The Minister shall appoint a rapporteur to receive written submissions or observations relating to a development from interested parties pursuant to section 21(e).

(2) The rapporteur shall take account only of those written submissions or observations which are received within the period of 6 weeks referred to in paragraph (e) of that section and are accompanied by the names and addresses of the persons or bodies making them.

(3) The rapporteur shall prepare a report on the basis of those submissions or observations.

(4) The report shall—

(a) specify the names and addresses of those who made written submissions or observations,

(b) identify the main issues or other points of substance raised by those who made such submissions or observations, and

(c) include a summary of the submissions or observations.

(5) The rapporteur shall submit the report to the Minister, who shall arrange for it to be published.