Aviation Regulation Act 2001

Regulatory objectives in respect of aviation terminal services charges.


36.—In making a determination, the Commission shall aim to facilitate the development and operation of safe, cost-effective terminal services which meet international standards and shall have due regard to—

( a) the relevant charging principles of the International Civil Aviation Organisation and of Eurocontrol,

( b) the level of investment in aviation terminal services by the Authority, in line with safety requirements and commercial operations, in order to meet current and prospective needs of the airline industry,

( c) the efficient and effective use of all resources by the Authority,

( d) the level of the Authority's income from aviation terminal services and other revenue earned by the Authority generally,

( e) operating and other costs incurred by the Authority in providing aviation terminal services,

( f) the level and quality of aviation terminal services, and the reasonable interests of the users of these services, and

( g) the cost competitiveness of aviation terminal services with respect to international practice.