Consumer Credit Act 1995


F133 [ Credit intermediaries register.

151. (1) The Director shall establish and keep a register of credit intermediaries.

(2) The register is to be kept in a form determined by the Director.

(3) The credit intermediaries register must contain the following particulars:

( a ) the information referred to in section 144(8) ;

( b ) any revocation or suspension of a credit intermediaries authorisation;

( c ) such other particulars as the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment from time to time prescribes.

(4) The Director shall keep the register at the Director s office of business and shall make the register available for inspection by members of the public during those business hours. If the register is kept in a form that is not immediately legible, the Director shall make available a version of the register that is in legible form.

(5) A person who attends the Director s office during the hours when it is open for business is entitled, on request

( a ) to inspect the register without charge or make enquiries regarding its contents, and

( b ) on payment of the prescribed fee, to obtain a copy of any entry in the register.

(6) For the purpose of subsection (5)(b) , the prescribed fee is

( a ) 6.25, or

( b ) if some other amount is prescribed by the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment for the purposes of this subsection that other amount. ]