Defence Act 1954


F180 [ Functions of Court-Martial Administrator.

184B. (1) The Court-Martial Administrator shall manage and control generally the administration and business of courts-martial and shall perform such other functions as may be specified or prescribed by or under this Act.

(2) The Court-Martial Administrator shall act under the general supervision of the Judge Advocate-General.

(3) The Court-Martial Administrator shall provide to the Judge Advocate-General such information in relation to the performance of his functions as the Judge Advocate-General may from time to time require.

(4) The Court-Martial Administrator shall

( a ) as directed by the Director under this Part, convene general courts-martial and limited courts-martial and refer any charge or other matter to the summary court-martial, and

( b ) in the case of a general court-martial or limited court-martial, specify the members of the court-martial board.

(5) Subject to the terms of the warrant under section 184A, the functions of the Court-Martial Administrator may be delegated by him from time to time to any other person or persons or class or classes of persons for such purposes as may be specified in the warrant. ]