Defence Act 1954


Appointment of Court-Martial Administrator.

184A. (1) An officer of the Permanent Defence Force not below the army rank of colonel or the equivalent naval rank may by warrant of the Judge Advocate-General be appointed as the Court-Martial Administrator.

(2) A warrant under this section may be made subject to such restrictions, reservations, exceptions and conditions as the Judge Advocate-General thinks fit including terms and conditions relating to the delegation by the Court-Martial Administrator of his functions under this Act.

(3) A warrant under this section

( a ) may be addressed to an officer by name or by designation of his office or partly in one way and partly in another, and

( b ) may or may not, according to the terms of the warrant and the mode in which it is addressed

(i) be limited to an officer named, or

(ii) be extended to a person for the time being performing the duties of the office named, or

(iii) be extended to the successors in office of an officer.

(4) The Court-Martial Administrator shall be independent in the performance of his functions.

(5) The Court-Martial Administrator shall neither report on, nor be the subject of any report in respect of, the performance of his functions under this Act. ]